Yep, there's a list for that...

Ever notice how the Web is filled with lists? There are collections (A.K.A. curations, stashes, boards, pins, buckets, groups) of stuff everywhere.

  • problem Think about the 1000's of lists...
  • (who decided they are the "top"?) Blog articles with the "Top n for X..."
  • (with ambiguous content or categories) Curation sites of hand-picked resources
  • (duplicate boards or overlapping pins) Pinterest boards
  • (no simple way to add items, broken & stale links) Various topic-centric lists like this one

Curated stash sites. Please, make them stop.

The ranking of lists, and what's in them, should be a democratic process. Consider what StackExchange has done for Q&A communities. That's what is for collections of Web resources (articles, tools, apps, etc..).

Finally, lists that make sense.

The quality of resources must be maintained, but not determined by a select group/individual/SME. There are many curation sites where the approval/rejection criteria is "gray", and in the end comes down to one person's opinion which isn't really a fair way to say that any given resource is the "best" or worthy of approval. is community-driven curation where users vote on lists, and the items in those lists. Instead of one author, curating what they deem to be useful, the broader community builds and rates the collections to determine what's "best". Reputation has a place at, and it's open to anyone who contributes. It's not limited to a privileged group of individuals. lists are better because...

These aren't your average "curated" lists.

These lists are actually useful. We all know that the Web has become so cluttered with lists, collections and "curated" stashes. Here's how is better.

  • useful Lists are started by people passionate about a specific topic.
  • accessible Anyone can contribute to existing list, or start a new list.
  • moderated Moderation prevents spam, duplicate and poor-quality posts.
  • up-to-date The lists are "living"; maintained & edited as items age or emerge.
  • fair People vote (on lists & resources) so the most useful things bubble to the top.

You'll find many useful collections, on a variety of topics. You can browse by popularity or tag. Login with your Twitter account to submit or vote. Get into the game of curating items, and watch as they organically rise to the top.

Tips for creating lists

Here are some things to consider before contributing a list.


  • Create lists on topics that interest you.
  • Create lists that will be useful to the others
  • Use specific, descriptive keywords in the title
  • Limit use of opinionated, subjective words ("Beautiful", etc..)


  • Quantify with "Top 10.." or "25 Amazing.." (as list content changes numbers become irrelevant or inaccurate)
  • Create a duplicate list
  • Create generic or random lists (ie: "Joe's Collection of Favorites")
  • Create a list that's only relevant to you (ie: "My hunts on Product Hunt")

Your reputation effects privileges. Be nice and make it count. Actions like creating lists, adding resources and voting will impact your reputation. Earn reputation and additional privileges for posting what others find useful.

Discover the top recommended tools, apps, articles and blogs. is a user moderated community of "living" collections. Lists of top Web resources that stay fresh, well-organized and useful. Community-sourced "Top" lists.